Soft Coral Starter Pack

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 You will receive 4 soft coral specimens attached to a Frag plug. They will be similar in size and shape to the stock pictures shown.

Green Star Polyp:

Star Polyps are not demanding soft corals and will thrive in many areas of the aquarium. Star Polyps do require moderate water flow so that detritus will not collect on them. Lighting requirements are minimal, however, the star polyps can be acclimated to more intense lighting. Star Polyps rely on zooxanthellae for their nutrition so additional feeding is not necessary.

Anthelia Coral: Pink and Blue 
Anthelia is one of the fastest growing corals in the hobby. It has very long stalks that will flow like a “waving hand” They are not very demanding corals and will thrive as long as they are given proper time to acclimate to the  lighting.  They also prefer moderate to high flow.

Kenya Tree Coral:

The Kenya Tree Leather Coral  is a rapidly dividing soft coral that is great for beginners. It will thrive as long as it is given proper time to acclimate to the lighting. They prefer moderate flow and are considered one of the hardiest corals available.