Helpul Information


*AQUACULTURED NOT WILD COLLECTED-An Aqua cultured coral has many benefits. They are healthier, easier to care for, generally more stable, and they are used to an aquarium environment.  Most importantly  they do not deplete our oceans.

*Unless advertised as WYSIWYG "what you see is what you get" you may not receive the exact coral pictured. Please email us if you would like specific pictures of the corals we have in stock. They will be very similar, in color and size, from the stock pictures listed since often times they come from the same mother coral. It is difficult to take exact pictures because they are constantly growing or being sold.

*Because most corals do contract drastically while in the dark or stressed during shipping, do not be alarmed when you receive the coral and they are tiny or withdrawn. The coral will need time to expand as it becomes acclimated.

 *Some marine livestock are poisonous and can cause injury or death if mishandled. We are not responsible for any injury or death that may occur. (Please use appropriate protective equipment when handling all corals.) Any questions about a specific Coral, please ask.