Shipping Information

Free combined shipping on all coral Frags.


All corals will be shipped through an expedited delivery method which is generally 1 day. The cost of shipping will be a one time fee of $39.99 regardless of number of corals ordered. We ship only within the continental United States. 


All purchases are shipped out the following week Monday-Wednesday or sooner if at all possible. After your purchase please email us and let us know which day you would like your items to be shipped.


We will  watch weather conditions closely, and may delay shipping if extreme weather is forecasted in the delivery route. Tracking numbers are always included, so please pay attention to package arrival times because these are live creatures and will die if left out in the extreme heat or cold. If you need your shipment delayed, please email us before or during your purchase and we will gladly hold on to the coral for your convenience.


We use a Hot or Cold pack, if needed and send them at the end of the day so that the package has shortest time in transit. In the very rare event that your coral may be dead on arrival (D.O.A.), you must contact us within 24 hours of receiving the coral, along with detailed pictures of the coral still in original packaging.


Because most corals do contract drastically while in the dark or stressed during shipping, do not be alarmed when you receive the coral and they are tiny or withdrawn. The coral will need time to expand as it becomes acclimated.(see acclimation page)

Shipping is non refundable.