Quarantined Marine Fish

 Our motto is simple, we buy a fish and you buy a pet.  All of our fish are carefully selected and quarantined in our tanks to be ready for your display tank.  We take care of everything to make sure your fish is ready to be introduced into your display tank right away with no delays.  Not only do we quarantine our fish to make sure they are healthy and free of disease but we also make sure our fish are eating prepared foods and ready for life in a community tank environment.   We offer our fish pellet, flake, frozen and seaweed depending on that individual species diet.  Until your fish is eating prepared foods it is not ready to be passed through our quarantine process.  We want every fish that leaves our tanks ready to go into your tank and thrive.
Our fish are kept for a minimum of 4-6 weeks at a therapeutic copper level with careful observation and additional dips and treatments done as needed.  We also introduce our fish to other fish who are completing quarantine to make sure they are adapted to the community environment and able to both interact and eat in a community environment.  The fish that leave our farm are uniquely adapted to the display tank environment because of both their health and the introduction techniques that we use to ensure that they are not just surviving but thriving and competing for food with other tank mates.
With marine fish many of them come from our wild oceans.  It is our obligation as hobbyists to make sure when a fish is received that it is given not only the healthiest environment possible but also a transition period to life in our display tanks.  We take care of that transition process for you.  Water quality is of the utmost importance and we take our water quality very serious.  We only use water that has been through reverse osmosis as well as being aged for at least 48-72 hours before even beginning to go into our tanks or start being processed into saltwater.
Last but not least we are passionate hobbyists first.  We understand that you may have questions and we are here to answer those questions.  We can offer you everything from the most common fish to the most desired fish that you can't find, have trouble keeping or are unsure on how to properly acclimate it to life in your tank.  We also offer whole tank solutions.  If you aren't sure what type of fish you want or what would work with the tank you are seeking to create let us know and we can create a custom fish package that will be perfect for your tank size, coral or desired tank look.  We offer pictures/videos of your actual individual fish that you will receiving.  If ordering multiple fish we will introduce those fish together prior to them being received by you and send you pictures/videos of them eating and cohabitating the same space for your peace of mind.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

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