Acanthophyllia Modern Rainbow Splatter Coral “WYSIWYG” 5+ in. In diameter Meat Coral

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You will receive this exact coral on the provided picture. It is 5+ in. In diameter and is a very chunky Meat Coral. This has been in a clients personal tank for over a year and eating very well! 

Acanthophyllia is a phenomenal center-piece coral ideal for any type of reef aquarium. They are available in almost every color of the rainbow and tend have intense flourescence. Large and meaty, these corals are generally durable and are not overly aggressive towards neighbors. 

Waterflow: They may be housed in most flow conditions though time should be given when moving them into higher flow to allow the flesh to acclimate and fill properly.
Placement: Acanthophyllia must be placed on a soft sand bed with enough room around it to open without being damaged on nearby rocks.