Bright Red Scolymia Coral “WYSIWYG”

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You will receive the exact Scolymia Coral pictured. It is approximately 2 inch in diameter.


Scolymia corals are large polyp stony (LPS) corals. Scolymia corals are round in shape and found in cup, saucer, flat, or dome-shaped variations. They usually have a single oral opening present in the center. Some species may have more than one.  A Scolymia can grow up to 4 inches in diameter. Scolys come in a variety of patterns and vibrant hues, with some corals having a combination of multiple colors.

Scolymia are not a demanding coral. They are photosynthetic but anything around 100 PAR is adequate for their health. There is some variability to the intensity of their colors with changes in light strength, but developing better colors might have more to do with spectrum provided.

Scolymia corals are solitary corals. While not an outwardly aggressive coral, they need their own personal space.  At night, stinging sweeper tentacles will emerge from this coral and insure nothing is encroaching on that personal space, so make sure to give your Scolymia coral enough room to grow and thrive.