Bright Green Acan (per polyp)

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You will receive a single Green Acan polyp per $14.99 spent and attached to a Frag plug. They will be similar in size and shape to the stock pictures shown.

Acanthastrea are incredibly hardy and fast growing, tolerating a wide variety of conditions including both low and moderate lighting and moderate water currents.

Be aware that Acanthastrea are voracious nocturnal predators and competitively extrude mesenterial filaments and digest organisms within reach. Great care must be taken in determining the placement and distance between colonies. Target feed minced meaty foods and zooplankton for best growth.

Acan corals are considered to be photosynthetic, meaning they derive at least part of their calories from the commensal zooxanthellae that live in their tissue.

Acanthastrea species will also pull some nutrients from the water column, which will help keep nutrient levels in check if you have fish in your tank as well.