ButtMuncher Zoanthid polyp

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 You will receive a single Buttmuncher Zoanthid polyp per $29.99 spent. The coral will be attached to a frag plug and will be similar in size, shape, and color to the stock pictures shown.

Zoanthids and Palythoa can be kept under a wide variety of lighting types, and are tolerant of both low and high light conditions. It is always wise, however, to acclimate new arrivals in lower light areas as a precaution. 

Zoas and Palys benefit from enough flow to keep detritus from settling on them. Therefore we suggest moderate to high water movement. 

Please use caution, some Zoanthids and Palythoa contain a powerful neurotoxin called palytoxin in its flesh that can be extremely harmful if it comes in contact with your blood stream. Take special care handling these polyps for this reason especially if you have open cuts on your hands. These organisms have caused deaths from exposure to their palytoxin.