Large 6 inch Foxface Rabittfish “WYSWYG”(Quarantined)

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You will receive this exact specimen pictured.  The Venomous Foxface is known under several different common names that include Foxface Rabbitfish, Common Foxface, and Foxface Lo. With its spectacular shape and coloration, the Foxface is easily recognized. The uniqueness of this fish is that it is equipped with stout venomous spines. The Foxface is a hardy marine species, and should be kept in an aquarium where there is a plenty of space to swim around.  Due to the presence of these spines, the Foxface can be housed with other peaceful fishes and even with semi aggressive ones as no one dares to come closer to the Siganus vulpinus. The Foxface cannot be combined with other rabbit fishes unless they are young, and the older specimens form pairs and does well in an aquarium. The Foxface is known to nip at and even eats some soft and hard coral types, therefore use caution in reef aquariums. Sometimes, the Foxface might looks discolored on acclimatizing or in other stressful situations and should not be confused as illness. Since the Foxface is capable of inflicting painful venomous stings, it must be therefore handled carefully. The Foxface chiefly feeds on algae and other herbivore food in the wild.